We have a passion for plumbing —going three generations strong.

Buhrle Plumbing has been shaped by a set of beliefs modeled by Matt’s father and grandfather.

Quality is our Trademark℠We believe in doing our best in everything we do. We take pride in our craftsmanship and stand behind the materials we use. We have to. The Buhrle family’s reputation is at stake.

God and the Customer - We Serve Both at the Same Time℠Our customers trust us to take care of their plumbing and we have the responsibility to do the right thing for them. That is why we provide expert plumbing analysis and solutions at a fair price. We know that being good stewards of our resources and abilities honors God, as does the way in which we serve others through our business every day.

We know how water works. But even more important than that, we have a passion for plumbing. It’s something that has been passed down in the Buhrle family for generations. And it keeps us going strong today.

Photos of the Buhrle Plumbing founding fathers.