Continuing a family tradition, Matt leads the way toward innovation.

I am blessed to have parents who taught me the value of hard work at a very young age. I grew up on a small farm in central Kansas. For generations, I have seen that value of working hard and providing superior quality to customers lived out in my father and grandfather. And that virtue was passed down to me. My father will occasionally tell a story about how when I was only five, I saw him and my older brothers breaking concrete flooring out of an old barn and how I grabbed a full size sledgehammer and began to help.

I began to go service calls with my dad and I learned a lot by watching and helping him. My skills and knowledge developed over time. And then one day, when I was ready, I went out and got my own master plumber’s license.

My hands-on experience enabled me to understand and perfect traditional plumbing techniques, which became the foundation of my trade. Now I am part of a new generation of plumbing. I am constantly learning and working hard to stay on the forefront of new innovations in the industry.

First to be Green Certified℠In the summer of 2008, I became the first accredited GreenPlumber in the states of Kansas and Missouri. This certification has prepared me to meet modern plumbing challenges with trade practices that benefit not only the environment, but also human health.

Matthew H. Buhrle

Three Generations Strong

Accredited GreenPlumber

Photo of Matt.

I am so thankful to my father and grandfather for the example they set and for all of the knowledge they passed on to me. I am excited to be a part the future of plumbing, and to get to share it with my own family.